Yang Liu

C · C++ · Python · MySQL


Syracuse University

Syracuse NY Sep 11' - May 13'

L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science

  • GPA: 3.72 / 4.00
  • Relevant Coursework: Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Mathematical Basis for Computing, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Software Modeling & Analysis, Objected Oriented Design, Principles of Operation System, Computer Security, Design Patterns, Structured Programming & Formal Method

Renmin University of China

Beijing China Sep 07' - Jul 11'

Bachelor of Management in Information Management and Systems

  • GPA: 3.22/4.00, Third Price of Academic Scholarship in Renmin University of China


2K Games Inc.

Sep 13' - Feb 16'

Software Engineer - Novato CA | Shanghai China

  • Designed and Implemented server-side applications for online gaming architecture for multiple games/consoles
  • Architected and created infrastructure and code for game features and administration tools
  • Designed and Implemented deployment and monitor tools
  • Worked on NBA 2K14/2K15/2K16 on PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Steam

Cyber Security Interdisciplinary Research Project

Feb 13' - Jun 13'

Research Assistant - Syracuse NY

  • Undertook tasks to develop and implement programs to extract analyze and distill cyber incident information
  • Undertook tasks to offered analytical input in research team discussion

Socially Intelligent Computing to Support Citizen Science

Sept 11' - May 12'

Programmer - Syracuse NY

  • Undertook tasks to develop and implement web-based system using HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP
  • Designed, established and maintained a MySQL database facilitating the website
  • See http://citizensort.org/

Instrument & Pricing Content, Thomson Reuters

Jul 10' - Mar 11'

Developer Intern - Beijing China

  • Provided content services for Fix income onsite products
  • Established independent testing, including system, integration, performance
  • Established and maintained test infrastructure, tools and procedures
  • Established and maintained EQCenter, a web platform supports inner used testing tools


Scheduling & Memory Management on FreeBSD

Oct 12' - Dec 12'
  • Incorporated the priority-based round-robin scheduler with variable length time-slice and staircase scheduler
  • Modified memory management subsystem, and implemented a memory monitor to text

Design Pattern Course Project

Oct 12' - Dec 12'
  • Developed a Visual Studio solution to demonstrate patterns, offered presentation in CSE776 Design Pattern class
  • Developed a sample of Extension Object Pattern, see code

Small XML

Aug 12'
  • Summer Project led by Dr. Fawcett, See http://github.com/theliuy/smallxml
  • Implemented a single class in C++, to support reading and writing of basic Xml Dom
  • Replaced the Xml classes used in CIS/CSE 681 Oriented-Objected Design

Personalized Recommender System

Mar 10' – Jul 10'
  • Assisted Professor’s research, coding and documentation
  • Focus on recommending products for certain customers with given dataset and evaluate effects

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